1. Neva Allen wheelpower

    Happy New Year Theresa and Everyone. I hope your hot flashes and other symptoms of Menopause go away in this new year!

    Sunday, 01-Jan-12 15:55:17 MST from web at 44°25'33"N 69°0'23"W
    1. Theresa Stacy-Ryan tmsr

      @wheelpower Thanks. I've been thinking that at least I have a "rhythm" with the hot flash thing now. The shedding and re-garbing happen without too much thought these days - esp. at night. Still utilize my 1/2 sleeve sweater. Love it! And my #, of course!

      Monday, 02-Jan-12 02:53:38 MST from web at 35°11'53"N 111°39'4"W