1. Kay Pinto flipflop

    Guess it was just a 3 month hiatus.... oh well. 34-menopause-symptoms is a good resource. Thanks for sharing it. It's so hard to really know where you are in the process.

    Thursday, 08-Dec-11 05:43:34 MST from web at 35°11'53"N 111°39'4"W
    1. Theresa Stacy-Ryan tmsr

      @flipflop Sorry to hear, really. At this point in our lives, I feel like I am very ready to leave go of this monthly "gift" (which it is) even though I know it is a "be careful what you ask for" thing. Loss of so many other good-health things are related to the Change.

      Thursday, 08-Dec-11 06:47:51 MST from web at 35°11'53"N 111°39'4"W