1. Neva Allen wheelpower

    Are you having anxiety attacks Theresa? and @Mary - please explain why you feel invisible?

    Wednesday, 23-Nov-11 07:41:02 MST from web at 44°25'33"N 69°0'23"W
    1. Theresa Stacy-Ryan tmsr

      @wheelpower No anxiety attacks - yet - but I hear that is one of the "fun" effects and I knew a couple of people going through # that DEFINITELY had the # attacks going on!

      Wednesday, 23-Nov-11 14:18:27 MST from web at 35°11'53"N 111°39'4"W
      1. Theresa Stacy-Ryan tmsr

        @tmsr I am thinking that way. This entire site's design was to help me keep it thus - and learn from others, building on the strength of not being in this alone. You are certainly there for me!

        Wednesday, 23-Nov-11 16:42:47 MST from web at 35°11'53"N 111°39'4"W