1. Neva Allen wheelpower

    I am happy that the # is working for you, and it sounds like the # are helping too. I think you are probably now in the most intense period for Hot Flashes. As I understand it, they get better as times goes on.

    Friday, 04-Nov-11 11:24:04 MST from web at 44°25'33"N 69°0'23"W
    1. Theresa Stacy-Ryan tmsr

      @wheelpower Not too sure about that since a friend of mine seems to having them intensely STILL after 8 (yes, eight) years! Time will tell. I will keep at the # In my routine now.

      Friday, 04-Nov-11 17:04:51 MST from web at 35°11'53"N 111°39'4"W