1. Tess Ryan tess

    Well thanks to my wonderfully helpful wise women here I am ahead of the game by a long shot!! Thanks ladies I am soaking it in and hopefully not too much is dribbling back out:)

    Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 21:52:08 MST from web at 33°26'54"N 112°4'26"W
    1. Theresa Stacy-Ryan tmsr

      @tess Hopefully this will help ALL of us and those to come. It is helping me already too! Finding a rhythm to be able to sleep enough again. Credit # apple cider vinegar for making the kicking off the covers less intense so I get back to sleep pretty fast. Life is Good.

      Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 04:05:26 MST from web at 35°11'53"N 111°39'4"W